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Imurex Combo Syrup

Pelargonium, Thyme, Propolis, Zinc, Beta Glucan

    Imurex Combo®: Comprehensive Immune Support with Palergonium, Propolis, Elderberry, Thyme, Zinc, Vitamin C, and More

    Discover the power of Imurex Combo®, a potent blend of natural ingredients designed to support and strengthen your immune system. Formulated with carefully selected ingredients, Imurex Combo® provides comprehensive immune support, promoting overall health and well-being.

    Our premium formula includes:

    • Elderberry fruit extract: A powerful antioxidant known to support immune function.
    • Propolis Extract (Greit 120®): Rich in antioxidants and bioflavonoids, propolis offers immune-boosting benefits.
    • Vitamin C (PurewayC®): A key nutrient that helps strengthen the immune system.
    • Beta-Glucan (Wellmune®): A naturally occurring polysaccharide that supports immune health.
    • Thyme Extract (Thymox®): Known for its antimicrobial properties, Thyme offers additional immune support.
    • Zinc mono L-methionine sulfate (L-Optizinc®): An essential mineral crucial for proper immune function.
    • African Geranium extract: Traditionally used to promote respiratory health.
    • Horse Chestnut extract (Sedox®): Supports healthy circulation and antioxidant activity.

    Presentation: 150 ml Recommended Use: 2.5 ml twice a day for adults

    All our products are manufactured in an ISO 9001, 22000, GMP-certified facility equipped with HEPA filters in clean rooms, ensuring the highest quality standards.


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