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Nutri Fiber

60 sachets

    Indigestible,Water Soluble Fiber

    • Content: NonGMO, GRAS, FOSHU

      Usage: It is recommended to use 2 sachets daily on an empty stomach.

      What is Fiber? Fiber is the indigestible part of plants. NutriFiber® is an indigestible dietary fiber. It is expelled from the body without being absorbed (without entering the bloodstream).

      Daily Fiber Needs How Much?

      The daily fiber intake amount is 30-38 grams for women and 21-25 grams for men. Although vegetables and fruits are part of Turkish cuisine habits, we may not fully meet our daily fiber needs by consuming them.

      NutriFiber® is a natural dietary fiber obtained from the enzymatic activity of starch. Its strengthened structure makes it resistant to digestive enzymes, and it is expelled from our body without being absorbed.

      Ways to Consume NutriFiber® You can add NutriFiber® to every meal you eat. It will not change the smell, taste, or color of your food. In this way, you will have a fiber-rich meal. If you are the only one consuming the meal, add 1 sachet of NutriFiber® fiber to your plate. If you want to prepare a fiber-rich meal for your family, add 4 NutriFiber® sachets to a pot of food. You can add NutriFiber® to all hot or cold drinks you consume. It will not change the color, smell, or taste of your drink.

      You can add NutriFiber® to all flour-based products such as pastries, pies, and cakes during their preparation. In this way, you will consume a fiber-rich pastry.

    • NutriFiber® raw material is used in Japan, America, and Europe to help produce fiber-rich foods by adding it to drinking water, carbonated drinks, and biscuits.

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