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Nutrifiber Functional Hazelnut Spread with Prebiotic Fibers and L-Carnitine


    Nutrifiber Functional Hazelnut Spread is a healthy snack for adults and kids, and a sports nutrition support for athletes. Made with prebiotic fibers and L-Carnitine, it helps meet your daily fiber needs and provides a feeling of fullness. It is also a low-glycemic sugar alternative, and provides energy without causing blood sugar fluctuations.

    Nutrifiber Functional Hazelnut Spread is a functional food that we offer with our experience in functional food production since 2004. We aim to provide a functional food series that is a healthy snack for you as adults, completely reliable and clean content for your children, and activity support for healthy athletes. Nutrifiber Functional Hazelnut Spread's ingredients are carefully blended and packed without touching in our facility with hygienic room panels. FOS (Orafti Synergy®), Inulin (Orafti Synergy®), and Resistant Dextrin (Fibersol2®) fibers included in Nutrifiber Functional Hazelnut Spread are entirely plant-based and have prebiotic properties that contribute to meeting your daily fiber needs. L-Carnitine (Carnipure®) included in its content will give you a more active feeling throughout the day.

    What are the Functional Ingredients in Nutrifiber Hazelnut Spread?


    Fibersol2® is a prebiotic fiber obtained from corn. Besides helping to meet your daily fiber needs, it provides prebiotic effects as it is also the food of beneficial bacteria in your gut. This Japanese ingredient is NON-GMO and has Kocher and Halal certifications, having been in the world market for over 40 years.

    Orafti Synergy1®

    A patent fiber combination containing FOS and Inulin obtained from chicory roots, which is prebiotic and has a satiety effect. This patented ingredient from Belgium will help you in your diet activities by creating a feeling of fullness.


    It is a low glycemic sugar. It is obtained from sugar beets. It is digested much more slowly than table sugar (5 times) due to the special bond between glucose and fructose molecules. Unlike sugar, it continues to be digested throughout the small intestine, providing energy for a long time and balanced. It does not trigger insulin secretion and increases fat oxidation (GI: 32). All individuals from children to adults need to obtain 50-55% of their daily energy from carbohydrates. Palatinose® provides daily energy needs to individuals as a high-quality carbohydrate source, while not causing fluctuations in blood sugar levels. It has no E code, and it is natural. Palatinose® is a product that can be used safely in athlete support products worldwide in terms of its functional benefits.


    Carnipure is a special type of L-Carnitine produced by the Swiss company Lonza. LONZA is the only producer in the world that guarantees to produce 100% pure, natural, and entirely separate from D-Carnitine form. It is used to reduce metabolic stress and muscle fatigue, especially after strenuous exercises. L-Carnitine can help previously consumed foods turn into energy. Moreover, it is known that this amino acid plays a role in the transport of fatty acids from the cell to the mitochondria, thus helping to turn them into energy.

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