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Our Firm, plans its production with ISO 9001 and ISO22000 (HACCP) quality management and food management systems. All raw materials are supplied from Europe and most raw materials consist of those of which the toxicological studies and clinical studies on humans have been completed, in addition patented raw materials. Our Firm, giving significance to only the quality parameters during raw material selection rather than price, guarantees that the products supplied to the market are unprecedented.

Knowing that our products gain the favor of physicians easily as a result of presence of the clinical trials is important in terms of overcoming the prejudice present in the field of phototherapy. The reason why the physicians have a prejudice against phototherapeutic products is not the herbal products but the fact that importance is not given to issues that must be taken into account during preparation of these products. In this context, our firm which has presented prescription products to the market has not only gained the favor of the final consumer but also the physicians.

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